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      Wenzhou Oufusi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a design, development, production and sale of high precision fluid equipment manufacturers...
      Our products are widely used in dairy products, beer, food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical bio-chemical industry...
      Food ??????????????? Pharmaceutical ??????????????? Cosmetic ??????????????? Chemical ??????????????? New Energy ???????????????Fiber ???????????????Fine Chemicals ??????????????Pesticides ???????????????nanomaterials ???????????????paint and ink ???????????????reaction, extraction ???????????????emulsified asphalt ???????????????emulsion explosives
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      Safety first, people-oriented. To the quality strives for the survival, to management efficiency, service for credibility.
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      Tel:0577-86998909 28888087 28888287
      Mobile:13957739878 13375770907
      Add: Wenzhou Yongqiang Avenue 2571
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